Planning a ride with SF2G

Planning a ride with SF2G

SF2GAs I get more and more into cycling I am looking for more and more things to get my cycling. I live in Half Moon Bay, and while my wife has started to ride as well, it is hard for us to get out for long rides because we have a 15 month old baby (15 months today!, happy 15 months Jacqueline). While we get out occasionally with the baby in tow, we typically each ride solo.

In that quest to find riding events and people to ride with, etc I stumbled on SF2G, a club (website) for people in the bay area looking for others to ride with. I believe it started out as a way to get people to ride their bikes from San Francisco City to Google, by some Google employees.

It has grown into 1800+ members and a variety of different rides, along with members from a wide range of companies and locations. Every first Friday of the month they do a First Friday Friendly Frolic (FFFF) in which they go with a No Rider Left Behind policy. They leave from a designated location and head south on the "BayWay" which primarily covers the bayside trail, and the necessary side streets in order to make it all the way down to the Google offices and various others.

I am going to try to ride with them starting this February, though in order for me to do this I am going to have to do things a little out of the ordinary. I don't have the legs (yet) to ride from Half Moon Bay to my office in San Mateo, much less up to the starting point for FFFF, so I am going to drive up to the Daly City Bart station, then ride Bart up to wherever I need to go to meet up with FFFF. Then ride along until Foster City, at which point I will jump off and head west to the DotNetNuke offices.

This is a little backwards, out of the way, but it is something I feel like I should try to do. Then hopefully, after work, I can ride my back to the Milbrae Bart station, and then catch that back to Daly City to get my car.

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