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Unbound Gravel 2021 Deferral Registration

Today is November 16, 2020, why is that an important date? If you registered for the Dirty Kanza in 2020 and chose a deferral option, today is the day that...

Dirty Kanza is Unbound

Hot off the presses, Dirty Kanza is no more, long may those who are unchained live Unbound! 

2020 Katy Trail Shakedown Ride

My grand vision of building the Bicycle Tips brand/website in 2020 were apparently dashed with Covid. That hasn’t stopped the riding, though there has been less than planned, and no...

Dirty Kanza 2020 has been postponed, what about your hotel?

So Dirty Kanza had their “virtual gravel camp” this weekend. Going into this, I figured it would be leading up to something. Some change, I assumed a cancellation for 2020...

The Mid South 2020 Ride Review

The Mid South 2020 was held in Stillwater, Oklahoma on March 14th, 2020. Team Bicycle Tips was represented by Chris^3 (Chris Cubed, Chris Hammond, Chris Lybarger and Chris Wagner).