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Is bicycle riding video boring?

Is bicycle riding video boring?

Bicycle YouTube VideoOne of the things that I’ve been trying to do while riding is figure out how to record my rides, for a couple of reasons. 1) To create cool creative videos. 2) To document events, who knows what can happen on the road, having video proof could help out some day. I think I can safely say that #2 is a far better, easier to attain, idea, than #1. And when you come up with a reason that justifies #2, you likely have something worth using for #1.

Why might I say that? Well it is pretty simple, bike riding video is rather boring. At least the video that my 34 year old ass is able to shoot while riding. Why? A number of reasons. I’m just getting started with riding, having put on about 144 miles on a bike in the first 3 weeks of the year, last year I put just under 600 miles in total, and what I ride would be considered rather tame, at least, it is rather tame in my eyes. I don’t do downhill mountain biking, I haven’t done any group rides, it is just me, sometimes me and my wife, or me and a friend, riding. Mostly road, but occasional dirt paths and trails. Nothing exciting by any means.

So the videos that come from that riding are to put it bluntly BORING.

See the following video for example. This video is from last weekend, I went out to Orinda with a buddy of mine to ride, we rode 14.5 miles, climbing 1.6k feet, the most climbing I have ever done on a bike. Our average speed was 8mph… You can see where I am going with this, boring video! Though it does look a little more interesting when you compress that 1.75 hours into 2 minutes.

and don't forget the video from a couple of months ago riding around Half Moon Bay, CA

These videos were all taken with one of my GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Motorsports Edition CHDMH-002.

What do you think? Is bicycle riding video boring in general, or just mine?

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