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Early morning bicycle ride, Lesson: Always check Sunrise times

Early morning bicycle ride, Lesson: Always check Sunrise times

Dark MorningI set my alarm this morning for 6am, with plans to get in a 45 minute ride before I took a shower and came in to work. I went to bed around 11pm last night, read for a while, and tossed and turned until about 2am, I guess those cookies and milk at 9:30pm weren’t such a good idea as the sugars kept me up.

6am came and my alarm went off, at first I turned it off and decided I would sleep in. Then I lay there thinking “Get up you lazy ass, go ride” so I did. I got up, and peered out the blinds to see what the sun was starting to do.

It was dark outside, very dark, with no hint of sunshine.

It took me a while to figure out when sunrise was scheduled, I should have checked last night. The default Weather/News app on Android 4.0 doesn’t tell you sunrise/sunset times, and the Weather channel’s mobile site doesn’t either, it took me quite a while finding it on their desktop site with my Galaxy Nexus. When I did find the time

Sunrise this morning was at 7:25am, so basically I was up an hour too early. I do not yet have the gear for an early morning o-dark-thirty bike ride, in order to do that I need to get a good headlight and tail lights for the bike, as my previous contraption that I used for the Fourth of July isn’t something I want to use on a regular basis.

So I didn’t ride this morning, instead I headed in to work early so I could perhaps get out in time for a quick ride this evening before sunset (which is at 5:04pm tonight).

I’m hoping to do a series of reviews on lighting equipment for bike rides, if you’re a manufacturer or distributor and want to have your equipment included in the reviews please fill out the Contact Us form on the About page.

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