Tracking your rides, what do you use?

Bicycle Ride Data

So this isn’t going to be a long tip, as this topic will likely fill out future tips as well, but for now I will raise a question.

How do you track your rides?

Or, do you track your rides?

At this point in time I use Garmin Connect and Why do I use both? Well I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 that I use, mounted to the handlebars on the bike, with a heart rate monitor and cadence monitor. It tracks things rather well, bit I figure having two sources of data can’t hurt. For SportstrackLive I use my Motorola Droid, running Android 2.2.2. SportstrackLive works alright, though I haven’t bothered to get any attachments for it (heart rate, or cadence).

I find that I like the Garmin website interface better than STL, but to be honest, both of them leave me wanting more. I feel like I should get more out of the websites. Neither of them seem to provide me anything along the lines of “hey someone else rides the same place you do”.

Being that my wife and I are just getting into the bicycling thing, I wonder if riding would be more interesting (not that it isn’t right now) if we rode with other people? Someone to push/pull us along?

Watching the Tour this year, I’ve seen plenty of advertisements for MapMyRide, but I’ve yet to try the software out yet. Anyone have any experience/opinion on it?

I do find that having the data drives me to ride more. I like being able to run reports on my riding to see that I’ve put in 161 miles since May 1st.