Planning your weekend rides? Taking video with you?

So what all does everyone have planned for their weekend rides? Personally I’m hoping to take the Cannondale Quick CX1 out for a ride on both Saturday and Sunday. If I can get the time I’ll try to put in at least 25 miles between the two days.

I have yet to try to hook up my GoPro camera on the bike yet, I use it fairly heavily when autocrossing my 350z. I was going to hook it up last weekend but ended up not coming up with a good mounting system. I see that REI carries a Helmet Front Mount as well as a Handlebar/Seat Post Mount for the GoPro. I’m not too keen on doing the helmet mount, I can only imagine the extra weight that would add.

Another thing I might try is the Chest Mount Harness for the GoPro. I’ve used my GoPro for quite a bit of timelapse at various events, the chest harness would come in handy for that, and possibly riding?

What are your bike plans for the weekend? Let us know below with your Facebook account, no need to sign up for an account here on when you can use your already existing accounts!

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