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The 2021 Unbound Gravel Weekend Review

While we were at Unbound Gravel we took almost 2k photos, not all of those live up to our standards, but here is a link to each of the four...

The Mid South 2021 the incredibly socially distanced

So what’d you do this past weekend? Did you ride The Mid South? They shifted things up this year, went to a virtual “incredibly socially distant” version of the event....

Unbound Gravel 2021 Deferral Registration

Today is November 16, 2020, why is that an important date? If you registered for the Dirty Kanza in 2020 and chose a deferral option, today is the day that...

Dirty Kanza is Unbound

Hot off the presses, Dirty Kanza is no more, long may those who are unchained live Unbound! 

Katy Trail Trip 2020 Trip Report

2020, the year that took away bicycle events, gravel rides, get togethers. The year that took away interactions with coworkers, friends, family. The year that took away jobs.

2020 Katy Trail Shakedown Ride

My grand vision of building the Bicycle Tips brand/website in 2020 were apparently dashed with Covid. That hasn’t stopped the riding, though there has been less than planned, and no...