Video: Changing the tube on a bike tire

Video: Changing the tube on a bike tire

So if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you likely saw that Sunday was a planned ride day, but while trying to make sure I had air in my tires I ended up tearing one of the tubes. Not having any spares around was the first lesson, always have some extras!

So on Monday I ran out and picked up 3 tubes, between mine and the wife’s bike I hope 3 will last us a little bit.

I realized I don’t think I’ve ever changed a bike tire before, so I figured, I may as well stick a camera up on the wall and film the process. I also took the camera out into the garage while I put air in the tire, but the lighting was so bad I didn’t bother doing anything with that part of the video.

So here it is, our first video for, I promise future videos will have higher production quality! This was just last minute thrown together and edited.

The video was recorded with a GoPro Hero camera, highly recommended!

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