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Finding a place to stay at Unbound Gravel

Finding a place to stay at Unbound Gravel

So you’re thinking you might want to go to Unbound Gravel 2023? The lottery won’t open up until January 2023, but if you haven’t booked a hotel already, you’re out of luck.

Emporia’s hotels book up really quickly. If you haven’t booked already, you are likely out of luck, but if you follow some of the tips below, we’ll try to help you find a place to stay that doesn’t take you an hour plus of driving each way (Topeka).

(6/30/2022) I was able to book a room at a hotel this morning, so there are still some available.

So here are the tricks to finding a hotel in Emporia Kansas for Unbound Gravel.

  1. Start early. I start looking at hotel websites the weekend of the current year’s event. Most hotels don’t open up their booking windows that far in advance, but some do, and the rest have them open soon there after.
  2. Look often. Check your hotel websites DAILY, if not morning and evening, to increase your odds of finding when they open up the booking window.
  3. Check all the hotels in Emporia
  4. Avoid the Knight’s Inn. People apparently are able to book here, but from what I hear the past two years, it actually doesn’t exist anymore, it isn’t open.
  5. Check again
  6. Don’t fret if you don’t find a hotel, keep looking! In January people who don’t make the lottery will start cancelling their bookings.
  7. Look into the college dorms, they typically open up for registration in January or February, but sell out quickly. Their rates include meals as well.
  8. As we get closer to the ride, pay attention to the Unbound Gravel (unofficial) Facebook Group. People often times post there when 9hey are cancelling their rooms.
  9. Look outside of Emporia, get a room that can be cancelled at no charge in case you find something in town.
  10. Keep looking!

If you’re diligent, you can almost assuredly get yourself a hotel room in Emporia for Unbound Gravel!

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