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How to enter Unbound Gravel for 2022

How to enter Unbound Gravel for 2022

So you think you want to try to take on Unbound Gravel, but you aren’t sure how to get in?

Well, to be honest, for 2022, your options are limited. There are two ways available to you right now, one is a “random” draw, and the other requires you to spend some serious moolah ($$$).

Gravel Camp

So the “guarantee your entry” way for 2022 is to sign up and attend the Gravel Camp(s). There are actually two options for the Camp, one that includes an entry for 2022 ($2200) and one that doesn’t include entry ($1000). The camp looks to be a 4 day adventure, be sure to check out the Unbound Gravel Camp page for more info.

Lottery Entry

If you aren’t interested in spending $2200 and doing the camp, the primary option people use to get into Unbound Gravel is the Lottery. The Lottery is open from January 5th through 18th, and is basically a lotto based system for getting an entry. The demand for entries for Unbound is greater than the number of entrants that the course and stops can support, so the lotto is how they control the registration, trying to make it a little more “fair” for people trying to get in, instead of a land rush type registration.

So how does the lottery work?

Basically you sign up for Unbound, you put all the information in as if you were registering, including Payment information. You won’t be charged however until the selection process occurs and you are chosen. If you aren’t picked in the Lotto, you will not be charged.

In past years, you could also put in the name of a group that you want to ride with, and if all members of the group don’t make it in, you don’t get charged. This is useful if you want to ensure that you ride with friends, but means that one of you might actually get picked, and not be able to enter because the others in the group didn’t get picked.

Sometime in early February they will choose who gets in, notify people, and charged the credit cards.

Hotel Info

If you don’t have a hotel reservation already, you should get on that! Last I checked all the hotels are full, but once the lotto selection process occurs you may see some rooms open up. Also in early February the dorms should open up for reservation, that will likely be your best option if you don’t have a room yet.

2023 Entry

Don’t get in for 2022? Start planning for 2023 right now!

Volunteer Registration

If you or a loved one put in 10 volunteer hours you can bypass the lotto for 2023! If you don’t get in for 2022, definitely considering volunteering, we did it in 2021 and had a hell of a time!

Closing Thoughts

Good luck getting into the event! Hope you do, and if you don’t, you should considering going to Emporia that weekend anyway. There are organized rides before the event, you can get out and see some beautiful Kansas gravel, as well as experience the atmosphere around Unbound all the same!

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