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2022 Unbound Gravel Details - October 2021

2022 Unbound Gravel Details - October 2021

Details for Unbound Gravel 2022 are starting to be shared, I’ll try to make it a point to update this post with info as it becomes available.

Event Date and Location

June 4th, 2022
Emporia, Kansas

Registration Dates:

Deferral or Volunteer Registration

If you deferred in 20 or 21, Registration for 2022 is November 1st through November 30th, if you didn’t get that email, you’re missing out!

Volunteer Registration

If you put in 10 volunteer hours, Registration for 2022 is in December, Treva did send out an email regarding usage of your volunteer hours earlier this month, be sure to follow up on that!

XL (350) Lotto

Unbound XL (350) lottery registration opens early December (12/1-12/15), with announcements for who is picked before the end of the year.

25/50/100/200 Lotto

The Lottery opens for registration on January 5th through January 18th. Announcements of if you got in the lotto in early February.

Going South

For the past two years (‘19 and ‘21) the Unbound route has gone to the North, for ‘22 it will be back to the South side of Emporia.

Camps are back

They’re bringing the Spring Camps back, if you’ve got the time and funds, they are a great option for getting into the event, as well as getting training in. Registration opens soon!

More coming soon!

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