Another weak day for Day 4 of #30DaysOfBiking. It is a busy week, too much going on, road trip to Temecula for Easter. We’re taking the bikes though, so hopefully Friday we’ll get a long ride in while the baby spends time with grandparents.

Here’s the strava ride.

Here we are, day 3 into 30 days of biking (the month known as April). I came home from the office early today, left at 5pm, missing the Bay Area DotNetNuke User’s Group meeting ( I stopped by the lbs (  to see what they might have in terms of a road bike for my wife, she’s 5’10” tall so that pretty much rules out most “women’s” bikes, so I figured I would see what they had in a 56cm or so in men’s. They had a couple of lower end Specialized Allez, similar to mine, but with lower end components.

Unfortunately they don’t appear to have much else right now, but I did figure out that they offer fitting services, so we will likely be scheduling that here in the next couple of weeks. I think she needs a 56cm, but I think we would be better off knowing for sure before buying.

Pro Tip: If you visit Bike Works go upstairs, they have stuff up there too!

After getting home I decided to just rest and take it easy, watch some TV before the wife and baby got home. I thought about riding, but decided that my sick body wasn’t yet up to a long ride. I’ve been fighting off a cold for two weeks, and this past weekend it struck me down, lots of coughing the past few days, I think I still have both lungs, but am not sure.

After dinner I gave the baby a bath, side note: some how I have been tricked into this duty each night, for 1.6 years I managed to avoid it! (to be honest, I enjoy bath time playing around with Jacqueline, so I can’t complain).

Once the baby was down I decided I should at least get out and ride a little bit around the neighborhood to have some actual riding for Day 3 of 30 Days of Biking.

This is when karma struck, in the form of rain. Nonetheless I wanted to get something in, so I went out, riding the Cannondale with a red sox hat on (backwards) my jawbones on to cover the eyes, and my PI wind breaker to see if it was also water proof (it is not). I also got to test out my $1.83 headlight that I picked up from the REI garage sale, it worked out rather darn well considering the cost.

I put in 1.8 miles, in windy chilly rain. Not ideal for a ride, but a ride it was.

So Day 2 is the day I actually remembered about 30 Days of Biking, fortunately we managed to ride yesterday, for Day 1. Today I had to work. After work I came home and took Jacqueline out for a quick spin.

Unfortunately the bike seat for the baby won’t fit on my Cannondale CX, so I rode Natalie’s bike around a bit. The baby loves it, she points, talks, and is downright happy when riding around on the bike.

We didn’t ride far, just around the neighborhood a few times to get 2 miles in, but we rode 2 more miles than I planned when I got up this morning!

Here’s the Strava data.

30 Days of Biking Day 1 I can’t believe I forgot about this, but fortunately I was able to get ride in for Day 1 of 30 Days of Biking 2012. What? 30 days of biking? Isn’t Toddler366 enough for you Chris? No, it isn’t.

So what is 30 Days of Biking? Well, plain and simple, bicycling at least once, every day, in April 2012. Why? Why not. Biking is good for you, the more you do it, the better you feel, the better shape you are in.

How much will you be riding? That depends on my schedule. Some days it will just be a quick ride around the neighborhood, some days I’ll get in multiple rides. Hopefully every day I will get at least one ride in though, even if it is short.

The difficult part for me is that I am likely going to be travelling to the east coast at the end of the month, and getting a ride in with that may prove hard, though I may try to ride a couple of times, even if short, with my good buddy Stephen Jones from, but we’ll see how that comes along.

With each ride, assuming I ride with my Garmin, I will post up my Strava report from the ride. So here is Day 1’s ride.

Yesterday morning we headed off to REI to see what we might find at the Garage Sale. We didn’t plan on buying anything, but we had never been, so we went with open minds. Well, we scored. We ended up getting the iBert Safe-T-Seat Front Child Seat (Green,38-Pounds limit) for a steal, really, too low to even post about here!

We immediately went home and tried putting it on my Cannondale Quick CX 1, unfortunately it wouldn’t work on that bike, so we tried it on Natalie’s Quick CX 3 and it did work. Jacqueline loves it! As you can see in the photo at the top of the post.

Rotting away in the ocean airI am heading to Colorado next week for work, a week of onsite DotNetNuke Training in the state that is my former, if short lived, home. I booked my flights with the intention of staying over the weekend after working, so that I could go hit the slopes. It has been two years since I’ve been on my snowboard, and I was hoping to get back on it.

I made plans to go snowboarding this week here in Northern California, so that I could get the rust off here, before hitting the slopes in Colorado, but those plans fell apart today. Because of that I’ve decided to not bother with taking the snowboard to Colorado, and instead started making plans to get some bicycle miles in while I am out there.

Tunitas Creek RideSo my goal for 2011 was to hit 500 miles, I started in early June and hit it around the end of November, I thought that was pretty good. Well if that was good for a big guy like me, 2012 is going to be kickass! I hit 500 miles on the bike today for 2012, with 2 days left to spare in February.

In January I did 256 miles, and for February I’ve done 245. Of those 501 miles I’ve climbed around 20930 feet, with 11,417 of that coming in February, and 3k of that coming on my ride up Tunitas Creek last weekend.

Waking up late this morning, missing the opportunity to ride due to weather, I logged into Facebook and came across this great video that was posted today.

Being new into bicycling I can honestly say that I don't say much of these things yet, but I yearn for the day

This video was put together by be sure to check out their website.

Bicycle YouTube VideoOne of the things that I’ve been trying to do while riding is figure out how to record my rides, for a couple of reasons. 1) To create cool creative videos. 2) To document events, who knows what can happen on the road, having video proof could help out some day. I think I can safely say that #2 is a far better, easier to attain, idea, than #1. And when you come up with a reason that justifies #2, you likely have something worth using for #1.

SF2GAs I get more and more into cycling I am looking for more and more things to get my cycling. I live in Half Moon Bay, and while my wife has started to ride as well, it is hard for us to get out for long rides because we have a 15 month old baby (15 months today!, happy 15 months Jacqueline). While we get out occasionally with the baby in tow, we typically each ride solo.

Dark Morning For 2011 I personally set 3 goals, you can read about them fully on my post from 1/1/2011. Basically they were to lose 30 lbs (goal weight of 255, I’m a big guy), inline skate 100 miles (I do like me some skating, I’m a freak I know this) and ride a bike 500 miles. At the beginning of 2011 the bike I had was a 2004 Diamondback XTS Moto, not exactly something you could see yourself riding 500 miles on (at least not me). So in June I picked up a Cannondale Quick CX 1 and began my journey.
Please follow the rules of the road, always wear a helmet, obey traffic laws, and ride safe! is not responsible for any damage you cause to yourself or your bicycle while following along with our tips.