This is the initial plan for #KatyTrail2017, as posted on the internal ClubReady Slack before the ride. This was our plan, prior to taking off, for our route.

The First Annual Un-Official ClubReady Katy Trail Ride, September 29th - October 1st, 2017.

We will be riding the Katy Trail from West to East, started in Clinton MO, and riding to Machens (then back to St. Charles for pickup), for a total of around 250miles over 3 days. Expected pace is 13-15mph average when moving.  

If you're thinking about going, start riding now! Train train train! 

Potential Schedule:

Friday September 29th, 2017 (Clinton to New Franklin) (76.8 miles)
Sunrise: 6:57am
Sunset: 6:48pm
	8 AM arrive at Clinton Trailhead
	830 AM Start at Clinton Trailhead (Mile 0)
	12 PM Arrive Sedalia lunch (Mile 35.6)
	3 PM Arrive in Booneville for Dinner (Mile 72.8)
	4 PM Arrive New Franklin Katy Roundhouse (Mile 76.6)
	6 PM Camp

Saturday September 30th, 2017 (New Franklin to Marthasville) (111 miles)
Sunrise: 6:58am
Sunset: 6:46pm
	630 AM Breakfast at Casey's General Store
	7 AM depart New Franklin (Mile 76.6/0)
	11 AM Arrive Hartsburg (Mile 111/34.4)
	11 AM Lunch at Dotty's Cafe
	12 PM Depart Hartsburg (Mile 111/34.4)
	6 PM Arrive Marthasburg (Mile 186.6/110.3)
	6 PM Dinner
	7 PM Arrive Community Park (Mile 186.6/110.3)
	7 PM Camp

Sunday October 1st, 2017 (Marthasville to Machens) (51.3 + 12.6)
Sunrise: 6:59am
Sunset: 6:45pm
	7 AM Depart Community Park (Mile 186.6/0)
	730 AM Breakfast at Dutzow Deli & Restaurant (Mile 190.6/4)
	830 AM Depart Dutzow (Mile 190.6/4)
	12 PM Lunch Bike Stop Cafe (Mile 225.1/34.5)
	1 PM Depart Bike Stop Cafe (Mile 225.1/34.5)
	2 PM Arrive Machens (Mile 237.7/47.1)
	3 PM Pickup at Bike Stop Cafe (Mile 250.3/59.7)