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Tips for Registering for Dirty Kanza

Tips for Registering for Dirty Kanza

If you’re reading this, you might be interested in trying to get a spot in the Dirty Kanza for 2020. If so, you’ve come to the right place to get some info to try to better your chances for getting in, or worsen them, nothing is guaranteed, so don’t hold it against us if you don’t make it! For all the official registration information, visit the DK Registration page, but for tips, read below.

In 2019 there were around three thousand people entered into DK, over the various distances. We believe through the Lotto process, only 50% of the people who entered the lotto got selected, so they likely had six thousand entries. With the continued explosion of the gravel scene, they will see more than that 6k number this year, with little increase in the amount of riders that they can select (guessing it will stay near 3k).

First let’s go over some of the basics for Dirty Kanza registration (this is for DK 25/50/100/200 mile distances for 2020, not the XL distance as that selection window is closed):

  • Registration is done via a lottery system, that system is open at 8am CST on January 6th through 11:59pm CST on January 19th, 2020.
  • You must enter the lotto sometime between those dates, WHEN you enter during those dates doesn’t actually matter.
  • You must put your credit card information in at this time, but you will not get charged unless picked in the lottery.
  • Registration costs: $35/$50/$130/$250 for the 25/50/100/200 mile distances.
  • There are no refunds, and no transfers
  • Selection will happen on or before January 27th, 2020.
  • Registration will likely occur on, last year it used Athlinks, it appears most/all DK Promotions events (like BigSugarGravel) are moving to (watch for a rebrand/fork on that to soon).

In summary, you register for the lotto, then you wait, check your email on January 27th (or earlier) and see if you get a selection email (like below) or a rejection email.
Dirty Kanza Selection Email

Improving your chances

So how do you improve your changes for getting in to the Dirty Kanza 2020? Here are a few ways:

Group Lottery Option (better odds? worse odds? who knows?)

So what is the group lottery process? Basics are that you sign up with UP TO 4 other people, all putting in the EXACT SAME name of a group, for example these two would be two unique groups,  “BicycleTips” vs “Bicycle Tips”. When you register as a group, you’re saying, “I only want to register if these other people in my group ALSO get in”, meaning it is all or nothing, basically taking yourself out of the individual lotto selection process. This is one way to go if you believe that you really want to ride but only if your buddies get in too.

Last year, Chris and Steve got in due to the group selection process. Initially we were under the mistaken impression that the group process worked where, if ONE person in the group got selected in the individual lottery, everyone in the group got selected. What we believe occurs this year (and last year) is that our group was selected in a different process, outside of the individual selection.

Camp Time (guaranteed way)

One sure fire, but expensive way to get in to Dirty Kanza is to do one of their Camps. They have a camp in April, that goes from the 2nd through the 5th, and includes entry in to DK200 or DK100. The camp costs $2200, if you’re looking to ensure that you get in to DK, and also get out and get some good quality training in, the camp option might be something to consider.

Golden Ticket (lucky way)

This is how Chris is getting into Dirty Kanza for 2020. Having attended Lunar Kanza back in July 2019, and he received (luckily) a golden ticket, which provides bypass to the lottery process. You likely will have a hard time finding a golden ticket for 2020, but definitely check out the Lunar Kanza in 2020 to see if you can’t help get yourself squared away for 2021!

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