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Staying safe while riding your bike, be identifiable

So as a new bike rider I am highly concerned about being safe while I ride. I also don’t like the idea of carrying my wallet with me while I ride. It’s bulky, could get lost, or who knows what else.

Last year while watching the Tour de France I saw advertisements for RoadID and I though, what the heck is that for? Well, this year as I started riding I quickly figured it out.

What would happen if I got into an accident while I was out riding, sans wallet. What if I was unable to speak, how would anyone know who I was, where I lived, or how to get in touch with my wife and baby?

They wouldn’t. So I decided to start carrying my driver’s license when I rode, but that didn’t actually help either. We recently moved, so the address on my driver’s license was no longer correct, and it sure didn’t have any other way to get in touch with my family listed on it.

Enter RoadID. With RoadID you have a bracelet that you can wear, and when you order your RoadID you get to customize what it says on it. I put the following information on my RoadID.

Wife ###-###-####
Home ###-###-####

Now, hopefully if I am ever in an accident on the road, I am identifiable! Though I guess I lied about the no known allergies part, there was this swimsuit that I wore as a kid, it changed patterns when wet. That damn thing gave me hives, not fun.

So when you ride, be sure to carry some form of ID that can be found easily. You definitely don’t want to be a missing person or a John/Jane Doe!

Get your RoadID today!

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