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My first impression of MapMyRide

So I finally got around to trying out the IMapMyRide application on my Android phone today, along with my Garmin ForeRunner 305 which I always use when I ride. Overall, I would say the application itself is pretty slick, nice interface, different than SportsTrackLive, though I am not sure it is any better yet.

One thing I was shocked, and perhaps I should have just done more research, is the limitations that MapMyRide has on their website, unless you are a paying member. In their defense, SportsTrackLive is also a paying thing, for their Pro version, but honestly I paid once and that was it. I purchased the “Pro” app in the Android Marketplace for $4.84, to be honest, I had to look up the price, I couldn’t recall what it was. Less than $5.

MapMyRide has multiple pricing schemes, free gets you the basics, unlimited routes, workout tracking, calendar, and charts. Paying gets you “printed maps”, though I have no idea why you would want/need those, 1/4/12 fitness reports per year, removes Ads from the website, and lets you setup 3/5/unlimited training plans. The pricing goes from $6/month all the way up to $20/month. That $5 one time fee so far from SportsTrackLive is pretty attractive at those prices.

When I completed my ride, uploading the track on MapMyRide was quick and easy, it did appear to be far faster than SportsTrackLive has been in the past.

The MapMyRide website is 100x prettier than STL, though I am having trouble trying to see how I can change my recent route from Private to Public. I believe I set it to private when I finished the ride, with the intention of updating it once I got on the computer and verified the information. Anyone got any tips for that?

So, as of right now, I don’t see MapMyRide taking my riding program anywhere that SportsTrackLive can’t, but I will give it a few more rides and see how things play out. I can assure you that Garmin Connect won’t be leaving my stable of software anytime soon. As I play with these other tools, GC keeps track of all the rides so I have somewhere to go to get all the data, in one place.

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