Learning to deal with your new bicycle legs

So this won’t necessarily be a tip, but it will hopefully be something for people to comment on with their own thoughts. I’m new to cycling, I’ll explain more of that over the next few weeks, but just understand that I’ve not really ridden a bike in years, until the past couple of weeks.

In the past 4 weeks, since getting my new bike, I’ve put 95.32 miles on the bike, and on my legs. For the first couple of weeks that riding was once a week, though I am trying to up that frequency. Two weekends ago I rode twice (Sunday/Monday for ~25 miles total), and then this past weekend I rode three times (three days, ~36.38 miles total). I could definitely feel my legs on our ride yesterday afternoon.

At least I think I could feel my legs, that or it was a lot windier than it had been for my previous rides, maybe it was both. Today, at work, my legs feel tired. Worn out, ready to relax. So I decided I wouldn’t try to ride after work tonight. I planned to take tonight off, and then ride tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll ride tomorrow (Tuesday) or take another day off.

What do you experienced riders recommend? Ride ride ride? Or ride and rest? Remember, I’m knew to this whole thing.

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