I still support Lance Armstrong

I still support Lance Armstrong

Today is the day that Lance Armstrong packed up camp and went home. He has publicly announced that he is no longer going to battle with the USADA over the doping allegations.

I don’t know if he doped, I assume he probably did, but the proof never came out to say that he did. I don’t like the fact that he might have doped, but the more I get into the sport of cycling, the more I read (recently finished David Millar’s book and am just wrapping up Slaying the Badger) the more I understand that cycling was all about doping.

To be honest, all sports apparently were about doping, and perhaps still are as two bay area baseball players have been suspending for doping in just the past few weeks.

You know what, I don’t really care at this point. If he did dope, he ran in a dirty race, beating other dirty riders, 7 times the Tour De France Champion, 7 times. You can’t take that away from him, no matter what USADA says, what he did was amazing.

What he has done since he was stricken with cancer is even more amazing, and that is why I don’t care if he doped or not. He retired 3 years ago, let it go folks, let it go.

Lance Armstrong, you are LIVESTRONG, and I will gladly ride again at a LIVESTRONG event in 2012. I raised over $4k this year, and I hope to more than double that next year.

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