Dirty Kanza 100 Supply List for SAG

Dirty Kanza 100 Supply List for SAG

So as we near the 2019 running of the Dirty Kanza everyone is likely starting to taper down their training and finish up with organizing any supplies and items needed for the event.

Being that this is the first year that myself, Steve and Chris (3 St. Louis boys) are doing the ride, we are going into things a little blind, but one of the things that Steve and I talked about on our final long training ride this past Sunday, was a list of things to bring.

Last night I started to put together a list of Google Sheets that I decided I would share it for anyone else who might be wondering what all they should bring to the Dirty Kanza! I've added "where" I plan to have the item, in the SAG vehicle, on the bike, in my backpack, etc, along with a category. Not sure if the category is really necessary, but more info can't hurt right? (see over packing note)

If you've got any feedback, things you think we missed, things you think we're crazy for bringing, shoot us a message on Twitter @BicycleTips and let us know!

Couple of items that I thought about and hope you'll find handy.

  1. Water sprayer (garden type), should be good for cleaning the bike, be sure to fill it with water before you leave your hotel!
  2. Mud Stick, I read an article from Salsa Bikes the other day in which a rider suggested having a device to trying to get mud off your bike, a stick of some sort, perhaps a screw driver?
  3. Extra of ALMOST everything, you never now.

Disclaimer: Being that this is our first DK100 ride, we're likely bringing things we don't need, and forgetting things we should bring, so we'll try to update this document AFTER the ride too, to help us remember for next year! I also am a habitual over-packer, so….