Day 3 of 30 Days of Biking, Karma Strikes Back

Here we are, day 3 into 30 days of biking (the month known as April). I came home from the office early today, left at 5pm, missing the Bay Area DotNetNuke User's Group meeting ( I stopped by the lbs (  to see what they might have in terms of a road bike for my wife, she's 5'10" tall so that pretty much rules out most "women's" bikes, so I figured I would see what they had in a 56cm or so in men's. They had a couple of lower end Specialized Allez, similar to mine, but with lower end components.

Unfortunately they don't appear to have much else right now, but I did figure out that they offer fitting services, so we will likely be scheduling that here in the next couple of weeks. I think she needs a 56cm, but I think we would be better off knowing for sure before buying.

Pro Tip: If you visit Bike Works go upstairs, they have stuff up there too!

After getting home I decided to just rest and take it easy, watch some TV before the wife and baby got home. I thought about riding, but decided that my sick body wasn't yet up to a long ride. I've been fighting off a cold for two weeks, and this past weekend it struck me down, lots of coughing the past few days, I think I still have both lungs, but am not sure.

After dinner I gave the baby a bath, side note: some how I have been tricked into this duty each night, for 1.6 years I managed to avoid it! (to be honest, I enjoy bath time playing around with Jacqueline, so I can't complain).

Once the baby was down I decided I should at least get out and ride a little bit around the neighborhood to have some actual riding for Day 3 of 30 Days of Biking.

This is when karma struck, in the form of rain. Nonetheless I wanted to get something in, so I went out, riding the Cannondale with a red sox hat on (backwards) my jawbones on to cover the eyes, and my PI wind breaker to see if it was also water proof (it is not). I also got to test out my $1.83 headlight that I picked up from the REI garage sale, it worked out rather darn well considering the cost.

I put in 1.8 miles, in windy chilly rain. Not ideal for a ride, but a ride it was.

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