BlackFriday/CyberMonday deal for Outbound Lighting

BlackFriday/CyberMonday deal for Outbound Lighting

As you (I) prep for 2020, well, wait to get over my sinus thing I've got going, I'm starting to figure out everything I'm going to need for the rides. Most of the rides we've scheduled, daylight shouldn't be an issue, but I'm planning on riding Dirty Kanza 200, so I will most assuredly be riding in the dark. With winter, and all the riding I need to be doing, I'll be riding in the dark long before the end of May.

I've been planning to get some lighting from Outbound Lighting, a group that launched their Focal Series back in November 2017, nearly doubling their $15k goal. They were (are?) based near St. Louis MO at one point, but I think have moved up to Chicago. They're still a fairly small shop, hand assembling each light, often times with a few week waiting period before their next batch is ready for shipment.

I've been asking fairly regularly at Trailhead Bicycles when they were going to start carrying them, but they didn't have an ETA the last time I asked. Last night I checked and their lights were selling at the usual price, $200 for the trail or road package, this morning when I woke up I found them available for $25 off. Order placed! Hopefully I'll have them here in the next two or three weeks, and hopefully I can get my sinuses cleared out by then.

I'm not 100% sure how I will deal with the length of time I will be riding after dark at DK, I imagine it will be 6-7 hours, so we'll have to see if I need to come up with a different battery situation for the lights. I'm tempted to take some old LI batteries from my drone racing days and see if I can't come up with a nice high capacity all night lighting system.

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