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Chris Hammond Founder of, an avid computer geek, photographer, and amateur bicycle rider

Bike riding in Half Moon Bay, the Video

The weekend before Thanksgiving I decided to strap one of my new GoPro HD Hero2 cameras on to my bicycle helmet and take it with me for a ride. I ended up with 1.5 hours of video, rather than let you watch the entire boring (wind filled) ride, I took some of the clips and put them together into a short video.

This ride was down Highway 1 (south), past the GoPro headquarters to the Cowell-Purisma trailhead, then west towards the water on the trail. Up the trail, a pretty flat ride except for the down and up through one of the gorges (canyons?), back to 1 at Cowell Beach. Back west on Poplar towards the beach, around the Poplar parking lot where the crew for Men of Mavericks (Iron Cross Productions) has a bunch of trailers and gear stored. From there I head north on the trail and back to our house.

A few things about the video for anyone else looking to film your rides.

Using a Skeleton case for the GoPro Cameras while riding a bike isn’t recommended, the audio will come out bad, lots of wind noise (go figure), you can see this at the end of the video when I leave the camera audio in place. I might try the full case with the skeleton back door at some point, but haven’t tried that yet.

Mounting the camera to your helmet will provide a little extra, noticeable, weight on one side of your helmet, in the future I will likely try mounting it on top of the helmet instead of off to one side.

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