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Big Sugar Gravel Registration Information

Big Sugar Gravel Registration Information

The announcement about Big Sugar Gravel just dropped a couple of days ago and there is already a change! The registration was originally announced as this Friday, the 1st of November, but HAS BEEN MOVED to Friday November 15th, 2019.

It looks like the registration conflicted with the Rooted Vermont registration, so BSG moved their registration back to the 15th.  (you can dig through the Instagram Comments on this post to see)

Assumption is, it will be at 7am on the 15th, but we'll update this page with more information as it is available.

Registration Details:

Opens: 11/15/2019 8am Central Standard Time
Cost: $140 for 100 miles, $85 for 50 miles

Registration Tips

  • Create an account on before 8am on 11/15/2019 (I appear to already have one setup using the email address I used for Dirty Kanza 2019)
  • Login to your account on RunSignUp before 8am.
  • If you can (we haven't figured out how yet) put your Credit Card info into your account
  • Populate any info you can on your account, emergency contact info, etc, that might be required for registraiton
  • If you can't register at 8am, consider setting up your account to use the RunSignUp "Sharing"
    "You can share this account with another account. This is useful when you wish to register multiple people who have separate accounts. Simply enter the E-mail address of the account that you want to share your account with."
  • Be logged into multiple browsers just in case one doesn't work (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc)
  • Have your credit card handy!
  • Set multiple alarms to make sure you don't forget!

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