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Benefit of cold weather cycling, Clearing The Sinuses

Benefit of cold weather cycling, Clearing The Sinuses

Winter riding

There are many obvious health benefits to riding your bicycle, and by riding you bicycle year round you can work to keep your body in shape for the prime riding in Spring Summer and Fall. One of the best benefits I’ve found to cold/chilly weather riding is the clearing out of the sinuses!

For the past two weeks or so I’ve had a slight head cold, sinus infection perhaps? Every time I head out to ride I clear right up. I’m not the snot rocket kind of rider, have never even attempted it, as I know I would just get snot allover myself in the attempt, so most of my “clearing” goes the other way, which I easily dispose of to the side of the road with a targeted discharge from the kisser.

Next time you are feeling a little closed up in the sinuses, head out for a bike ride, get your heart pumping, and do your best to try to breath through your nose, see if you can’t get that head cleared right up.


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