2017 Bicycle Goals

2017 Bicycle Goals

2016 was a fairly down year for my biking, I think I only commuted to the office a handful of times, and my total mileage for the year was well under 1,000 miles. I'm planning a couple of things in 2017 that will hopefully get me to exceed that poor showing (819 miles), and hopefully triple it, with an ultimate goal of riding 2,500 miles for the year.

Considering it is January 29th already, and I've yet to turn a crank once, I'm already starting off behind! I need to do 200+ miles a month assuming I started on 1/1, since I likely won't actually ride until 2/1 or later, I'll have to turn 227 miles a month. That's actually a doable number, if I make time for it.

How am I going to get to 2500 miles for the year? Well I've got two, maybe 3, bike rides planned for the year.

  1. Pedal The Cause 2017 (100 Miles, late September). Last year's Pedal I managed to finish the 100 mile route, but due to poor training, and a bad stomach, I did end up walking some, something I plan to avoid this year.
  2. Katy Trail (240+ miles, early October). A good number of the miles I put on the bike in 2016 were actually on the Katy Trail. For 2017 I could see that number being near 50%, okay, maybe not that high, but I wouldn't be surprised if I do 800 miles alone on the Katy this year. I'm organizing a group from ClubReady to ride the full Katy Trail in early October. We're still working out details on the route, but likely will start at either Clinton, or up towards Kansas City, and camp along the Katy Trail for the return ride. 

Prepping for both of those rides, the Katy ride likely being just 5 days after Pedal The Cause will get me out on the bike more this year than I have been in the past. I've also sold my race car (again), so I won't be competing in Autocross near as much this year, which should free up some weekends for riding as well!

As we prepare for the rides, I'll post up some of the details and training rides to get this whole thing working.